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Winners mindset winners mindset12 year old Abhijoy from Shri Ram School is captain of his school basketball team. He recounts how Thinking Monkeys changed things for him on the sports field.
“I was frustrated with my team members and tired of shouting at them with no result,” recalls Abhijoy."
“After Thinking Monkeys, I realized that I need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of my team members and help them overcome their shortcomings”.
Winners mindsetHis parents were surprised and proud, not just at the change but that Abhijoy was aware of the change and of his own mental processes.
What he took away from Thinking Monkeys, was a framework for thinking which helped him introspect on how he communicated. He reasoned and then modified his behavior to be more effective on his own initiative.
It is a testimony to a growth in a fundamental ability going beyond receiving "lessons or training".winners mindset

The Winners Mindset works on instilling in your child life-changing skills like:

thinking monkey  Decision Making
thinking monkey  Risk Management
thinking monkey  Teamwork
thinking monkey  Creative Thinking
thinking monkey  Communication Skills
thinking monkey  Conflict Resolution
thinking monkey  Adaptibility
thinking monkey  Strategic Thinking

Transformation in Abhijoy came from developing skills in Decision Making, Communication, ‘People Skills’ and Leadership qualities. We believe that using or practising these skills is the best way to develop them. The engagement platform at Thinking Monkeys provides the self motivation which is essential for this learning to take place.


Your child is a submarine commander. Central
command has given him the message to attack
however a subsequent
message got
during attack.

Should he continue as
planned or re-surface above water to
resume radio contact thereby losing competitive advantage? His decision will impact not just the fate of the troop but also the situation of war. Can he make the right decision?


Your child is on a warship. He feels the
captain is leading them into an ambush.

How does he persuade his fellow sailors to change
their plans? Will he succeed in
getting the captain
to heed his advice?


Your child is leading an assault on a castle.
All attempts to break-in have failed.
He develops a new plan. But
failure will lead to certain defeat.
Will he have the confidence
to attempt the plan or will
the fear of
failure keep
him from


Your child has led his team into a trap,
will he be able to retain
his cool and extricate
them from their
situation or will he
panic in the face
of adversity?

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